Dropping off the key

When we picked up 10515 from the original owner, they couldn’t find the keys. They did find them a few days later, so I stopped by to pick them up. A few after that, I stopped by DMC California to give them the key, so that they wouldn’t have to take apart the steering column to steer the car during repairs.

Danny came out to take a look-see and together, we replace the very first part on 10515 – the left side door strut. WOOHOO! I held the door up while he popped the old one off and put the new one on. The door opened perfectly. Then he opened up the panels behind the left seat. He said often cars that have been stored for a long time end up with mice making homes in those compartments – but, perfectly clean!

DMC California said they are waiting for a shipment of fuel pumps, but they should be in next week so they can start on the ‘make-run’. (I’m hoping they do some of the things that don’t require the fuel pump before then, like replace the headliner, put on the new tires and flush/clean the gas tank, as all of those things can happen before the car is running.)

While I was there, I took some more detailed photos. Something I couldn’t see in the darkness of the garage is that there actually are some cracks in the binnacle and the stuff on the left side floorboards could be battery acid leaks or radiator leaks that have been there for some time. There’s also a small dent in the left-rear panel, but Danny says that’s very fixable.

So, that’s the latest update. Each time I stop by the shop, I’ll take more pics and get details to record here.

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