DMC #10515 DeLorean,Maintenance Broken upper exhaust bracket

Broken upper exhaust bracket

Left the Vegas “Dinner with the D’s” last night and heard a weird noise… like a rattling. Turned out to be the upper exhaust hanger bracket had broken, and was just slightly ‘resting’ on top of the alternator blades. The blades were just lightly touching the bracket, but not consistently… so the ‘rattling’ was confusing. I thought I hadn’t closed the engine cover, but it was clearly connected to my RPMs. It’s VERY lucky it didn’t break 3mm shorter, and drop/lock the alternator blades!

Of course, when I called Chris Miles, he knew what it was before I finished my sentence. lol

Looks like #DeLoreanGo has the bracket for $50, but not sure I need/want stainless. But… getting a NOS (or used) bracket just means it will break again.

The bushing looks fine, so will re-use that. Will keep looking for a new steel version (non-stainless) or a reinforced NOS bracket for cheaper. (My engine isn’t fancy, so no need to put lipstick on a pig.)

(click for more photos)Broken Exhaust Bracket | DMC #10515

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