DMC #10515 DeLorean,Stories Someone is selling my car?

Someone is selling my car?

I saw this ad today for a #DeLorean for sale… then I saw the license plate in the photo and immediately thought it was a scam – because, that’s MY license plate! Or… so I thought! DMC #10515’s plate is 2AWA057 (see it here). The one for sale is 2AWA053 – so at first glance, it looked like mine 🙂

The VIN on 2AWA053 is #16377, so it’s about 862 cars away from mine, but they must have been registered around the same time. Crazy! I can’t help but wonder if they were both sold by the same dealer who registered them together.

VIN #16377 (CA 2AWA053) - DMC10515.comVIN #16377 (CA 2AWA053) -

CL ad -

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