DMC #10515 DeLorean,Events 2016 Spring Drive

2016 Spring Drive

Since I’ve gotten #10515, I’ve been to several car shows and a parade, but that just wasn’t enough. I wanted to drive the car with other DeLoreans. I kept seeing other clubs around the world doing driving events, but there hadn’t been anything like that in SoCal for DeLorean that I could find… so, I organized one on June 11th with the Southern California DeLorean Club.

Thanks to Marc at the Automobile Driving Museum, and thanks to all of the DeLoreans (and their owners) who showed up, we had a great drive.

We started at the Museum with a great group photo, then drove along PCH and Palos Verdes Drive to San Pedro where we had lunch. When we got to Redondo Beach, there was suddenly a long section of parking that fit all six cars perfectly, for another great photo.

DMC #10515 at the back -[flickr_tags user_id=”137759066@N05″ tags=”DMC10515-post2360″]

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