Beautiful day at Seal Beach, plus Pierside Press Sandwich Shop

Beautiful day at Seal Beach - DMC10515.comIt was a BEAUTIFUL day in Southern California to get DMC #10515 out and about. My Aunt Karen asked if I would take the DeLorean out to one of her friends’ homes to show their young teenage kids, who were dressing up at Doc & Marty for Halloween this year. Of course, I obliged. The whole family had a great time taking pictures and going for a ride around the block. It’s always fun to share the car with other people who enjoy it.

When we left, my Aunt wanted to grab a bite to eat, so she randomly found a sandwich shop nearby – “Pierside Press Sandwich Shop”.

This place was TOTALLY unexpected! I got the muffaletta sandwich, which I’d never even heard of before, and WOW! Sincerely, it was one of the most delicious sandwiches I’ve EVER had!

I expected a typical beach-front sandwich shop – which means, I didn’t expect much. I was so wrong! MAKE the time to stop here!

Aside from the honestly amazing sandwich, there was even a yummy surprise in the bottom of the bag! And the folks working there were extremely nice… plus, I got a perfect parking spot for a great photo of DMC #10515!

Pierside Press Sandwich Shop -

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