Twin Pines Mall and the Petersen

Although I’m a big Back to the Future nerd, after driving #10515 for nearly seven months, and living just 25 minutes away from Twin Pines Mall, I still hadn’t been. Well, this past weekend, I had too much energy, it was late at night, and I said – okay, time to do this.

So, I pulled the DeLorean out of the garage and headed to the Mall. Sadly, the 24 hour fitness is open all night. Which meant there were still a lot of cars in the parking lot. So I couldn’t get those pristine shots with no other cars around… but I got a couple of good shots. I even got a couple of 360 images while I was there.

Then, a few days later, I took the car to the Petersen Automotive Museum for an outdoor screening of “Cars“, and got another great night shot there too.

No photos

360 photos

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 Twin Pines Mall parking lot - DMC10515.comOn the roof of the DeLorean at the Twin Pines Mall parking lot -