DMC #10515 Stories Doubled the Mileage

Doubled the Mileage

Doubled the Mileage | DMC10515.comOn July 10, 2019, I doubled the mileage on DMC #10515. Doubled, meaning that when I bought it on November 6, 2015, the odometer read “15980” and at precisely 5:53 AM (and 18 seconds) PST, the odometer rolled over “31960” – doubling the number of miles on the car since I purchased it.

The location of the milestone was just a few hundred feet short of the exact mid-point between my old apartment in Orange, CA – and my new apartment in Las Vegas, NV. The exact coordinates were 34°58’33.2″N by 116°36’58.7″W.

So, from (and including) Friday, November 6, 2015 – to – (and including) Wednesday, July 10, 2019, it was 1,343 days… or, 3 years, 8 months, and 5 days. (or, 44 months, and 5 days!) That means I drove an average of 23.8 miles per day. And I had a blast almost every minute of those miles! Of course, most of those miles were driving around Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego Counties… as well as a trip to San Jose (by way of Fresno,) and three trips to DeLorean Weekend Las Vegas!

DMC #10515 has been a trooper, with very minor mechanical issues during those ~16,000 miles of driving… and oh, SO MANY smiles, waves, and stories. I’m looking forward to another 16,000 in the DeLorean… though I expect it will take quite a bit longer to roll those numbers, as living in Las Vegas will certainly curtail my outgoings with the car. Since there are less DeLoreans than in Southern California, and Vegas isn’t that big of a city, I suspect I’ll spend more time in traffic, than actually turning the tires. But that’s okay, because the car looks better standing still. Especially with the doors up!

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