22,222 Miles

I’m so happy and honored to be taking care of VIN #10515 for now. I picked up DeLorean on January 8th, 2016, with 15,980 miles on the odometer.

I recently rolled 22,222 miles. In just under 1.5 years, I’ve driven DMC #10515 over 6,000 miles. It’s amazing it’s gone so fast!

The longest haul so far was driving to Vegas for DeLorean Weekend in 2016. It was a GREAT trip where I met some great people, and I shared a house with some other wonderful owners, Gordon and Cathy Carpenter, and Skip and Patty Vaughn. Then next longest trips have been to San Diego a couple of times to support Gordon Carpenter’s DeLorean events. But those trips barely equal 1,000 miles. So where in the world did 5,000 more come from?! Driving from Anaheim to Los Angeles can put the miles on though.

The many car shows, parades, DeLorean get-togethers, and any opportunity to show off and share the DeLorean with other people who love the car is more than enough of a good excuse to put the miles on the car. The DeLorean SHOULD be driven, and not stored. I don’t think I’ve EVER taken the car out without someone one the road (many times other drivers on the freeway!) giving a thumbs-up, taking photos (yes, even while driving!), waving, and even just seeing people get big smiles on their faces when I drive by. The DeLorean truly is something special to a lot of people. It looks cool. It looks unique. It’s fun. For “older” people (sheesh, I guess I’m in the category now!) maybe it’s just good memories of the 80s and/or Back to the Future. For the younger kids, it’s most likely BTTF or maybe it’s just the futuristic look.

Whatever the reason, I’m sincerely happy to be #10515’s caretaker for now. I hope to take care of the car for a few more decades, driving it, keeping it running, and most importantly, sharing it with other people. I think that’s really why I got the car. I loved it, and I know how much other people love it, and I love to make people happy. And people always seem to be happy when I’m driving the DeLorean.

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