DMC #10515 DeLorean,Events Hermosa Beach ‘Endless Summer Car Show’

Hermosa Beach ‘Endless Summer Car Show’

The annual Hermosa Beach ‘Endless Summer Car Show’ was Saturday, May 7th on the esplanade that leads up to the Hermosa Beach Pier. DMC10515 was there with four other DeLoreans.

When we pulled on to the esplanade at 9am, the weather seemed like it would hold – but shortly before 10a, it started drizzling. The drizzling came and went several times, eventually causing most of us to close the gullwing doors. I did get a pretty cool shot of water beaded up on the hood, but that was the extent of ‘enjoying’ the rain.

By 11am the rain had stopped, it began to warm up, and the blue California skies made an appearance. It was a busy show! A LOT of people came through today. There were so many great questions and comments from people. Yurie, a former Sony co-worker, even tracked me down after seeing my post on Facebook.

The end of the show seemed to come so quickly… all of a sudden, cars were being directed out and I quickly wrapped up… so quickly I forgot the $12 ‘drip pad’ that was required for the show. Oh well… it was a great day anyway.

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