No progress yet…

DeLorean Motor Company California - www.DMCCalifornia.comYeah, I’m giddy. Looking forward to hearing progress from DMC California… but none yet. I called again today but they said they’re still waiting on fuel pumps to do the make-run. Very disappointing. I was hoping after 2+ weeks they’d have some progress, but, I just need to learn more patience.

I was again hoping they had put on tires or cleaned out the fuel tank, but it doesn’t sound like anything has been done. I asked Cameron if the general time-frame of ‘driving it before Christmas’ was still a possibility, and he said it is still a possibility, unless something crazy happens. So, I’m still waiting on a siding to see what happens. I certainly don’t want to annoy, upset or piss-off the guys at DMC CA, or it might be even longer before I get to realize my dream of owning (and driving) a DeLorean 🙂

I haven’t told my close friends and family in LA, as I want to surprise them with the car as I drive up or offer to drive to make a quick run to the store. So, I’ll send good thoughts to Huntington Beach and do my best to only call once a week for a status.

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