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    Won’t run, check the ballast connections

    The last time I drove DMC #10515 was November 19, 2020. It was a “Dinner with the D’s” here in Vegas, and we met at a local golf center to grab a bite to eat, and maybe hit some golf balls. Of course, we never ended up hitting any golf balls. And truth be told, we didn’t eat either. We all stood in the parking lot, talking and sharing stories about our DeLoreans, and everything else under the sun/moon. As usual, it was a great get-together, visiting with other owners, and of course sharing the cars with fans walking by, who actually were going to eat, or hit some golf…

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    September 1997

    My buddy Shawn Knight, President of the Pacific Northwest DeLorean Club, was recently doing some research through the PNDC‘s past newsletters, and ran across my name… from September 1997. That’s when I joined the PNDC as one of the few non-owner members at the time. I often talk about attending a few Club events back then, and how much I was hoping to / looking forward to buying a DeLorean. It took me over 20 years, but I finally achieved that goal. I was only a member of the Club a couple years, but made a connection with the founder and long-time President, Arnie Brandon. Over the following 20 years,…

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    2nd Owner, 2nd Plate

    Just a few days after my four year anniversary of buying DMC #10515, I changed the license plate. The first owner, who bought the car in 1983, put on the original “California Sunset Plate,” which was only in circulation for four years – from 1982 through 1986. The plate number, 2AWA057, remained on the car until yesterday… around 36 years. Growing up in California, that was always my favorite plate design, as it was the perfect amount of “80s” cool on cars from that era. And what better car to have it on, than a DeLorean. Oh… and it helps that the DeLorean Time Machine in Back to the Future…

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    Broken upper exhaust bracket

    Left the Vegas “Dinner with the D’s” last night and heard a weird noise… like a rattling. Turned out to be the upper exhaust hanger bracket had broken, and was just slightly ‘resting’ on top of the alternator blades. The blades were just lightly touching the bracket, but not consistently… so the ‘rattling’ was confusing. I thought I hadn’t closed the engine cover, but it was clearly connected to my RPMs. It’s VERY lucky it didn’t break 3mm shorter, and drop/lock the alternator blades! Of course, when I called Chris Miles, he knew what it was before I finished my sentence. lol Looks like #DeLoreanGo has the bracket for $50,…

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    Doubled the Mileage

    On July 10, 2019, I doubled the mileage on DMC #10515. Doubled, meaning that when I bought it on November 6, 2015, the odometer read “15980” and at precisely 5:53 AM (and 18 seconds) PST, the odometer rolled over “31960” – doubling the number of miles on the car since I purchased it. The location of the milestone was just a few hundred feet short of the exact mid-point between my old apartment in Orange, CA – and my new apartment in Las Vegas, NV. The exact coordinates were 34°58’33.2″N by 116°36’58.7″W. So, from (and including) Friday, November 6, 2015 – to – (and including) Wednesday, July 10, 2019, it…

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    DeLorean LED Headlights

    DMC #10515 now has LED headlights… and for A LOT less than you may have heard! I’m a huge fan of Toby Peterson’s Wings-A-Light LED Headlight Kit, but it’s out of my price range at the moment. The biggest reason I like Toby’s LED headlights, as that they LOOK stock (when not turned on.) That is, the GLASS just looks… ‘right.’ There are no weird silver bubbles or yellow squares where the SMD (surface mounted device) LEDs are… Toby’s have the right pattern in the glass and they conceal the LED bulbs perfectly. I’m also sure that with Toby’s background as a Boeing engineer, his system is fantastic. Again though,…

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    DCS 2018

    I hope to keep updating THIS post until the week after DCS 2018. When this line is removed, no more updates will be pending. Follow my progress here: www.glympse.com/!DCS2018 (JOIN the Group Glympse by clicking the orange “Join Group” at the top-right corner!) I’m headed to #DCS2018 – the DeLorean Convention and Show that happens about every two years. This year, it’s at the Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, IL. I’m taking the Amtrak Southwest Chief from Fullerton, CA to Naperville, IL.

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    ASI Radio Bluetooth upgrade

    One of my biggest issues with driving the DeLorean has been the lack of audio / music / sound in the car. What that REALLY means to me is, not having a GOOD bluetooth connection in the car. Being that #10515 is a 1982 – and since the first owner parked the car for ~27 years – the car has the original ASI radio and speakers. While the radio functioned okay (and the tape deck even works,) I rarely listen to the radio, opting for my own music collection (I *love* Google Music!) and/or the numerous podcasts I listen to (including DeLorean Talk!) But, having 42,000+ songs in my Google…

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    Plasti-Dipping DeLorean Rims

    When I first bought #10515, one of the four rims had been replaced by the original owner because it had been damaged. But, the replacement rim was a grey rim, not silver like the other three. That’s been bugging me for a long time. That, combined with the paint starting to chip on a couple of the rims, got me thinking about replacing the rims. But, at $200+ for each rim, I’m not excited about that. So I got to thinking about Plasti Dip – the rubberized spray paint. People have painted $200,000 cars with Plasti Dip. Click the photo to the right to see a bunch of examples, then…

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    22,222 Miles

    I’m so happy and honored to be taking care of VIN #10515 for now. I picked up DeLorean on January 8th, 2016, with 15,980 miles on the odometer. I recently rolled 22,222 miles. In just under 1.5 years, I’ve driven DMC #10515 over 6,000 miles. It’s amazing it’s gone so fast! The longest haul so far was driving to Vegas for DeLorean Weekend in 2016. It was a GREAT trip where I met some great people, and I shared a house with some other wonderful owners, Gordon and Cathy Carpenter, and Skip and Patty Vaughn. Then next longest trips have been to San Diego a couple of times to support…